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QuartzMark to provide reliable water and landscape solutions

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Quartz, a reliable and transparent, crystalline mineral company introduces QuartzMark Solutions, which seeks to establish unique solutions to a variety of household needs in relation to water and security.
QuartzMark Borehole Drilling Services, located adjacent Southland College off the TeshieLekma Road provides uninterrupted, affordable and clean water to communities, homes, offices, schools.
Its engineers travel across the corners of the country, offering varied hydrological services from hydrological investigation, borehole drilling, pumping test, filtration, reverse osmosis and many others to help solve water related problems.
Additionally, QuartzMark Landscaping and Cleaning Services, a subsidiary of the company, also provides general landscaping and cleaning services to schools, homes, companies. Its gardeners travel across the four corners of Accra offering varied landscaping services from planting and maintenance of lawns, clearing and spraying of weeds, spraying of insects, general cleaning  and many more in homes, farms, companies and places that need these services.
The company is known for providing excellent services in the beautification of homes, companies and settlements.
In recent times, resources including time and money are very scarce but cannot be done without. Services are also not rendered because of issues relating to time, money, safety, security etc.
However, QuartzMark solutions bridges the gap by saving the customer time and money while providing solutions to problems related to safety and security of our clients.
QuartzMark, as part of its commitment to remain consistent and reliable in its service provision, encourages its staff to maintain a healthy work lifestyle as it welcomes and celebrate the diversity of its team, appreciating the value of the individual skills, talents and experiences that our staffs bring to the table.
It also believes that working with honesty, integrity and taking full responsibility for actions that influence the lives of their clients and staffs promotes a consistent efficient and effective approach to problem solving to achieve unmatched solutions and outstanding results, it stated in a press release issued last week.
“We believe that commitment is necessary to create great products, services and initiatives even in the most challenging situations in order to deliver the best possible solutions to each of their challenges.
“We believe that it is our corporate responsibility to empower our staff and clients to generate creative ideas, to take risks, and to make valuable, life-changing contributions to society,” it noted in the statement.

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