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Ketasco launched 68th-anniversary celebrations

The 68th-anniversary celebration of Keta Secondary Technical School (Ketasco) was launched at a short virtual ceremony on the theme Covid 19 and second cycle education in Ghana: issues and prospects. 

The 68th anniversary was launched by Prof. John Gatsi, the Dean of the University of Cape Coast School of Business and an old student.
Dr. Amaglo who spoke on behalf of the Europe branch of the association said “
Ketascans is also known as Dzolalians are resilient people with the tenacity of an eagle. Thus should celebrate what Ketasco has achieved over the 68years by observing the protocols.”
The president of the past students association, Mr. Kojo Matah outlined the activities for the ceremony including a lecture on 27th February 2021.
In delivering his speech, Prof. John Gatsi thanked the leadership of the association and observed that in the past the themes of the celebrations dwell on matters of national interest and generated public discussions. He said the issue of PTAs participation in schools was highlighted in the past with the conclusion that PTAs are key stakeholders that cannot be decimated in school management.
He hoped this year’s theme will generate the required debate to ensure better Covid management in schools. Prof. Gatsi advised second cycle authorities not to forget to disinfect buses used by students on daily basis to ensure an environment with appropriate Covid protocol adherence.
He said information sharing and continuous education on Covid is key to avoid further spread among students.
Prof Gatsi explained that while virtual engagement is appropriate, the country did not make the required investment in virtual infrastructure to support quality delivery. He said while online and hybrid models are welcome they result in deeper Inequity of access due to many factors such as unfair internet connections across the country. He also highlighted on cost of data and the use of inappropriate tools such as phones with batteries that cannot stand long period of virtual engagement.
He advised government to target reduction in access Inequity .
Prof. Gatsi launched the 68th anniversary by reminding past students of even greater need for their support to the schools by providing PPEs, hygiene support and demanding assurances from school management about the kind of Covid management environment created to timely determine support needed by the schools for which the association can be of help. Prof. Gatsi concluded that the real investment in students now is to support an environment that prevents Covid spread and closed Inequity gap.

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