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Ghana CEO Summit to build capacities of over 500 CEO’s with new trend of management

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Adnan Adams Mohammed
The much-awaited 3rd d edition of the Ghana CEO’s Summit, is poised to build the capacities of over 500 Chief Executive Officers and leaders of businesses across the globe in new business management models.
The summit, awards and gala dinner night slated for 21st and 22nd 2018, at the Kempinksi Gold Coast Hotel in Accra, will this year add two master classes on very powerful topics in management and facilitated by global renowned management experts.
Chief Executive Officer of the Chief Executive Network Ghana Limited, Mr. Ernest De-Graft Egyir has stated, the event will also create the platform for CEOs and industry professionals to improve the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experiences and personal growth strategies.

“It is a conference for CEO’s to converge to build up their intellectual capital, to gain knowledge and also to build business and connect amongst themselves and also to engage the public sector leaders for business. Research indicates that CEO’s have needs and mostly always they would resort to a coach, especially in Ghana, they may travel for such conferences so we felt there is the need for CEO’s to have a platform where they meet their peers to discuss corporate leadership issues, “ he added.

“The CEO summit itself has become a fulcrum of knowledge, every economy revolves around knowledge and it is a world class forum in Ghana, mobilizing and convening over 500 topmost CEO’s with common vision on the themes, “he mentioned.

Touching on the theme for the summit, Mr De-graft said there is an established fact that economic growth or development in the country does not commensurate with the level of employment.

The theme for this year’s summit is, Leadership, Innovation and Investment for Busniess and Economic Transformation.

The CEO summit since its inception has seen over 1200 participants, 1000 participation businesses, over 30 top-level speakers as well as having 75% of participants gaining business opportunities.

The annual event which was launched in 2016 and is organized by Chief Executives Ghana Network Limited in partnership with Deloitte aims at bringing together key industry giants on a common platform, to learn, network and improve their leadership skills.

The event is expected to bring together business leaders, stakeholders, investors, service providers, regulators as well as government representative to engage in issues relevant to businesses.

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