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Woes of a Muslim Pilgrims Under Bawumia unbearable… Pilgrims are to pay GHC40,000

Mustapha Abubakar writes..

What am I hearing? That Hajj fare is now *GHC40,000*? What a wow! In an economy where our living conditions continue to deteriorate?

Under President Mahama, Hajj fares was pegged around *GHC11,900* ($3,450×3.45) per Pilgrim in 2016. Let me round it up to Ghc12,000. Then President Mahama also made sure that the rising cost of Hajj fares resulting from the exchange rate was not passed on to the pilgrims as he absorbed the difference to cushion them. That was a caring President!

But what do we see today under a *Muslim Vice President, Dr Mahmud Bawumia*, Hajj fares moved from *GHC12,000* in 2016 to *GHC19,500* in 2019 and now, its *GHC40,000 ($5000)*. That is over *225%* increment.

What happened to the promise Bawumia made in 2016 to help our Muslim Umma when he gets elected? What happened to our exchange rate which has ballooned to GHC8.0 to a dollar? And what am I hearing again; that those who paid their monies before March 2020 but couldn’t go for Hajj because of Covid, would be made to pay a difference of GHc2,000 and those who paid after March would be made to cough extra Ghc19,500 to add to the already Ghc19,500 they paid (twice the amount) before they embark on the Hajj? You punish Pilgrims after using their monies all these years?

Don’t we fear Allah!

My question is, was there a decision not to increase any fare for those who paid two years ago but couldn’t go? Well, lets wait for an answer.

Is it also true that Pilgrims from the Northern part of Ghana cannot fly from the Tamale Airport this year? I pray its not true.

I cringe for my fellow Muslim brothers and Sisters who are to cough out this outrageous amount of GHC40,000 to go and worship Allah.

Why should Muslims continue to suffer rather under a Muslim Vice President?

Like President Mahama has always said, Posterity will judge us all.

May Allah make it easy for us.

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