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NDC sends message of solidarity Ghanaian workers to mark May day

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Today is May Day, a day celebrated the world over in solidarity with all workers.

Workers are the engine of societies, for it is their toil and sweat that provide all the necessities of life. In the labour of workers lies the fate of every community everywhere in the world.

We in the National Democratic Congress take this opportunity to salute all workers for their tireless and continuous efforts that contribute to the building of our beloved country Ghana. We are especially proud of the special relationship that we have cultivated with workers over the years.

In this vein, we call on the Akufo-Addo government to address the numerous challenges being faced by the workers of Ghana, and, in particular, to ensure that the hardships imposed on all by the incompetence of the government, are ameliorated by prudent measures designed to lessen the cost of living.

We consider it particularly cruel and an affront to the sensitivities of all Ghanaians, that the Akufo-Addo government chose to impose the unpopular e-levy tax on Ghanaians on May Day. We know, from all the surveys conducted on this issue, that about 85%of all Ghanaians are opposed to this obnoxious tax. We now have a

government that has not only lost its way, but is insensitive to the suffering of the people of Ghana.

As we join all workers to mark this auspicious day, we want to assure them that upon the accession to power by

the NDC in January, 2025, the pains and sorrow of the workers of Ghana will receive our utmost focus and attention.

We know that when workers are happy and satisfied at their workplace and at the end of the month, this country’s level of productivity will increase by leaps and bounds, and all our citizens will be the beneficiaries.

As we celebrate our workers for their commitment and dedication to duty, we also hail them for their unflinching

love for Ghana.

Ghana workers, AYEKOO.




ISSUED ON 1st MAY, 2022

………. (signed)



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