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Muslims call on Justice Tanko to retract ‘disappointing comment’ on Islamic inheritance and hijab

Muslims Angry Over Justice Tanko Amadu's Comment On Wearing Of ...
Justice Amadu Tanko, a Supreme Court nominee
Muslims in the country have called on Justice Amadu Tanko, a Supreme Court nominee who was vetted by the Appointment Committee of Parliament on Monday, May 11, 2020, to retract ‘disappointing comment’ on Islamic inheritance and hijab.
MUYAD Social Services in a press release issued today and signed by the Executive Director, Adnan Adams Mohammed joined the majority of Muslims who have since yesterday during the vetting of the Supreme Court nominee registered their dismay and disappointment at how he answered a question posed to him on Islamic inheritance and hijab. 
Below is the full press statement: 






Unreservedly, MUYAD Social Services (MSS) has joined the majority of Muslims in Ghana to register their dismay and disappointment at some comments made by senior brother (Justice) Amadu Tanko, a Supreme Court Judge nominee who was vetted by the Appointment Committee of Parliament on Monday, May 11, 2020.


Upon the announcement by the President of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo’s the name of Justice Tanko as a Supreme Court judge nominee, many Muslims took to the street to jubilate and thanked the president for elevating the first Muslim to serve as Supreme Court Justice (Judge).


The announcement was very crucial and much needed at a time there were many public civic actions, outcry and displeasure by the Muslim communities on how the female Muslims were being discriminated, humiliated and their dignity and religious identity was taken from them by force (oppression) by some elements of the society who do not see the sense or need to respect the Supreme Law of the land, thus, the 1992 Constitution of Ghana; Article 21(1)(c), which allows every citizen to observe and manifest their religion in the country.


It was at a time Muslims were contemplating seeking justice through the legal jurisdiction on the matter which has caused several mishaps in the country like the sudden death of our promising brother Abdul Gafar who died at school (Adisadel College) for being pursued to attend compulsory church and poses a high threat to national security.


If the Supreme Law of the land is vividly clear on the religious rights of the citizens, CAN A REGULATION NEGATE SUCH CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT?


Unfortunately, our learned lawyer chose to please his personal sentiment and interest and betrayed the Constitution he is trained to safeguard and protect. Not, only betraying the Constitution of Ghana, also, he betrayed his religion and Creator.

Justice Tanko in one of his answer to a question on Islamic inheritance arrogantly challenged the proof and words of ALLAH (his Creator) and said, Allah, discriminated in His commandment for the distribution of inheritance in Islam according to the verses in the Quran. Again, on a question posed to him on the ‘hot and sensational HIJAB DISCRIMINATION’ issue, he answered that, enforcing the provision of the Constitution of Ghana and all other International Conventions on the fundamental human right is a matter of ‘choice’. This kind or type of ‘choice’ he referred to is what we do not yet understand and even the members of the Appointment Committee were not happy with his answers.   


A very serious blasphemous and disappointing attitude which NO RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION WILL TAKE LIGHTLY.


We wish to ask Justice Tanko as he ascends to take his seat as Supreme Court Judge: “Will it also be a matter of ‘choice’ for any plaintiff and defendant standing before the law court to refuse to ‘swear an oath by the Quran, Bible, Cross, or any of the religious identity and Power or take a solemn oath’?”


Can he call for the total ban of all forms of religious expression, including prayer (worship) and prescribed religious dressing (as an identity and obligation) in all institutions in Ghana, especially in the basic and second cycle institutions as we are all witnesses to ‘compulsory churches services’?


MUYAD Social Services demand answers from our senior brother as well as we will wish he immediately come public to retract his comments and apologize to the Muslim community.


The rest is left between him and his Creator (ALLAH).


We remind our cherished brother that; Every soul will taste death and we shall be called to reckon with all what we said did or looked unconcern when injustice was melted to other creatures. In our graves, no excuse will be accepted by the Allah. 


Thank you


Adnan Adams Mohammed

Executive Director

MUYAD Social Services

+233244653664 / +233267874318


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