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Muslim nurses working at psychiatric hospitals permitted to wear hijab

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By: Adnan Adams Mohammed
In a new directive from the Mental Health Authority, female Muslim nurses working in any of the psychiatric hospitals in the country (Pantang, Accra and Ankaful) are free to wear their hijab’s at work.
This is relief and good news to the female Muslim Nurses in the country as they are now free to exercise their Religious Constitutional Right.
This news comes days after a Senior Nursing Officer with the Accra Psychiatric hospital, who was punished at her work place for wearing hijab at work was officially reinstated back to her former place of duty. Several stakeholders got involved and agitated against the decision of her supposed demotion.

The Minister of Inner Cities and Zongo Development, Hon. Mustapha Abdul Hamid, MUYAD Social Services, some human right activists and other Muslim bodies did not take the matter lightly as they saw the decision of the hospital as an affront to the constitutional right of Adiza Ibrahim.
“All Muslim staff are free to wear their hijab to and at work. They should not be restrained. However, in the next couple of weeks the Mental Health Authority shall convene a consultative meeting on the way forward with the hijab regarding safety and precautionary measures. This policy will cover dress code generally to take care of Constitutional Provisions of Freedom of belief and dress while addressing workplace safety. In the meantime please take note and allow the wearing of hijab”, a letter signed by Dr Akwasi Osei, Chief Executive of Mental Health Authority, to all Psychiatric Hospital directors.
Already, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have issued circulars to reinforce their directives issued in 2015 directing all heads of health institutions to allow the Muslims to wear their hijab at Work and in Schools.

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