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I’ll stabilize the Cedi – Mahama

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John Mahama has said that he will introduce good fiscal policies that will stabilize the local currency if he is elected as president again in this year’s elections.
The former president told journalists in Accra, last week, that, his next administration will also introduce business-friendly policies as a way of boosting the private sector.
He said: “Our fiscal policies will ensure the stability of the local currency and additionally we shall implement business-friendly policies.
“Through various incentives, we will eradicate the nepotistic approach of the current administration in the payment of contractors and other business people. We will open the opportunities of this country to all Ghanaians”.
“Further borrowing will be checked and funds borrowed will be challenged into capital expenditure and productivity that benefits the generality of Ghanaians and add value to the economy.”
Mr Mahama further said he will shut down the Ministry of Business Development.
He described the ministry as useless because it has not served any purpose since its creation.
That Ministry, headed by Awal Mohammed, was created by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to help boost private sector growth.
But Mr Mahama thinks the Ministry is needless.
He told business journalists on Thursday, January 30 that: “I don’t think that you need the Business Development ministry to promote private sector growth. We had the Ministry Trader that was handling the aspect of trade and all that”.
“I don’t see what the Business Development Ministry really has done in terms of boosting private sector growth”.
“I already said when I come I am going to close down some useless ministries and it is one f tose I categorized as useless ministries.”

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