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Ghanaians owe Mahama a great gratitude – former banker

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Adnan Adams Mohammed

Ghanaians owes H.E John Dramani Mahama a depth of gratitude for reshaping the destiny of Ghana under his tenure as compared to the failed President Akuffo Addo government.

The former Vice President of Standard Chartered Bank Ghana has said, Ghana deserves better and therefore needs to be reset come December 7, 2020.

The youth of Ghana are thereby called to help ‘Reset, Re-boot and Restore Ghana’ by playing an active role and rise up to let their voices be heard through galvanizing the people to go to the ballot boxes and translate their voices into votes. “For this is the only way we can bring back the Values needed to govern this country.”

“This brings to mind the theme: “The Ailing Ghana and the Antidotical JM 2020”. Of course Ghanaians agree JM is the antidote and still the best alternative to the ailing economy judging from recent corrupt activities of this NADAA- led inept government”, Alex Mould, former boss of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) has said hile addressing teeming youth and members of TEIN on the University of Cape Coast campus on Saturday. 

Mr Mould elaborated on the good governance of John Mahama. He recounted that, JM has consistently been committed to the NDC’s well thought out and structured development agenda for Ghana.

“In this vein he has numerous projects to his credit including but not limited to: The expansion of the country’s ports and harbours to make Ghana a “wholesale of goods” for the sub region; about US$1 billion invested in water projects across the country increasing the water coverage to approximately 85%.

Other are: many road projects and hospitals that are scattered all over the country, which were completed or at various stages of completion before JM left office; and the affordable housing projects at Borteyman, Asokore Mampong, Saglemi housing project, Security housing phase 1 and 2 and many more.

In the Central Region he can boast of the Komenda Sugar factory, Essakyir water project, Winneba Water project, Cape Coast teaching hospital, Kotokuraba market, Elmina fishing plant, the Medical school etc.

“We cannot miss this chance to demonstrate that choosing the NPP will be to embrace more years of PAIN and ANGUISH, more years of enriching family and friends at the detriment of creating an enabling environment for job creation.

“Whereas choosing the NDC will elevate the standard of living for ALL Ghanaians, making basic amenities such as healthcare, education, potable water, electricity, and shelter more affordable. And, giving you the youth a jump-start in life upon graduation with better policies that will help you acquire your first car, first mortgage for a home, access to SME loans to go the entrepreneurial route and pursue your dreams etc.”

“Let us use today’s gathering to gear up for the big challenge next year. This challenge is how to convince the great majority of Ghanaians that the time for change is here; and the grab what you can culture of the current gov’t must be stopped”, he urged.  

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