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Ghana @65 catches eye of Putin amidst Ukraine invasion

Adnan Adams Mohammed

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has sent his congratulations Ghanaians on the occasion of the 65th year of independence celebration.

Ghanaians yesterday, March 6, 2022, marked one of the ‘modest’ and ‘cost managed’ independence day celebration across the country.

The Russian Embassy in Ghana, in a letter released on Twitter by Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the positive connections that exist between the two nations.

He expressed the hope that the “bilateral dialogue and partnership meets the interests of our people, contributing to the peace and security on the African continent.”

“I wish you good health and every success, as well as happiness and prosperity to all your compatriots,” the statement added.

The Russian president’s message of congratulations came only days after his country started an invasion on Ukraine.

As a result of the incident, Ghana and many other nations have been frantically attempting to evacuate their people who are now in Ukraine.

Recently, the government of Ghana announced that it had achieved an agreement with the government of Russia to enable for the safe movement of Ghanaians, mainly students, who are now residing in the concentrated zones of the continuing conflict.

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