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Estate home renters to expect ‘COVID-19 Relief Packages’



Adnan Adams Mohammed


Real estate developers and agents are assuring that, there could soon be a relief on the way for home renters who might not be able to pay their rent because of coronavirus hardship.



Realtors and other housing organizations are working on ‘COVID-19 Relief Packages’ for renters including a freeze on evictions.



The assurance comes as companies across Accra and Kumasi starts laying off or standing down workers as cash flow dries up.



“Further work will be done to identify on how relief can be provided to both commercial and residential tenancies to ensure that in hardship conditions, there will be relief that will be made available to ensuring a legislation that protects tenants during an epidemic”, Augustine Ewiah, CEO of Cameo1 Homes indicated.



“We understand that may have an adverse effects on landlords but we all need to put a human face on the situation and make sacrifices”, he added.


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