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Dr Afaglo’s Open Letter to ECOWAS Chairman (President Akufo Addo)


Attention: His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo

Petition: Recuse of Her Excellency Johnson Sirleaf as Lead ECOWAS Observer or Observer Status on Grounds of Conflict of Interest

Having noted per publications to the effect that the former President of Liberia in the person of Her Excellency Johnson Sirleaf is the Lead ECOWAS Observer Team for the Ghana Elections 2020, I hereby wish to draw your attention to a possible conflicting interest, of which needs an urgent looking into and recuse Her Excellency from the Elections Observer team in Ghana before the 7th December 2020 elections.

Specifically, Her Excellency Johnson Sirleaf being an Elections Observer in Ghana, a country in which she is a Director of the finance firm Databank with the other Director being Mr. Ken Ofori Atta who is the Minister of Finance of Ghana and a cousin (blood related) of yours the President of Ghana and you are a candidate in this election.


Hence, Her Excellency Johnson Sirleaf is an Observer or a quasi-judge, a quasi-prosecutor who is seeking to bring her part-persona to her own court. This is not acceptable, as this Ghana election 2020 is highly competitive in an environment full of doubt of a free, fair and non-intimidating election.


Should you be in doubt of the relationship between Her Excellency Johnson Sirleaf and your Finance Minister you may click on the hyperlink below, then your own admittance of blood relation with your Finance Minister Mr. Ken Ofori Atta.




https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/My-financial-magician- cousin-doing-a-yeoman-s-job-Akufo-Addo-hails-Ofori-Atta-816376


What is even compounding the conflicting interest in this issue is your position as a candidate and ECOWAS Chairman who has a close relationship with the ECOWAS Lead Observer per private for-profit business and family ties, of which has the propensity of questioning the fairness of the process should the unknown dispute occur, and who to resolve the dispute should any such happen.


In this light, I humbly suggest you ask Her Excellency Johnson Sirleaf to recluse herself from the ECOWAS Elections Observer Mission in Ghana so as to bring some credibility to the Ghana presidential and parliamentary elections 2020 process.


Counting on your cooperation for today’s credible elections and into the unknown future should this same situation ever repeat itself when this becomes the reference case.




H. Kwame Afaglo (PhD)

Tel: +233-200372691

3rd December 2020





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