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Don’t Hide Behind The Bible For Credibility, The Battle Has Always Been Yours


By: Godwin Ako Gunn

There are a lot of things in the Bible that inspire people and it may not be salvation. A lot of people have been swindled in the name of God, and someone wants to swindle you in the name of love for the word of God. Let’s see some crimes that can inspire the wicked.


David was nearly killed in battle and the army generals made a resolution never to allow David to go to war. They provided him with all the luxury he needed in his house. But idleness and  not being interested in waging war against poverty, unemployment etc, made him buy a drone to be flying on the roof of his house. This drone landed him in Uriah’s bathroom, when he was at the war front defending the nation of Israel and the wife was having her bath.

The story didn’t end there, because the bathing in the air had brought shame to king David, he had to recall his general Uriah, from Canada to cover up his shame, but when he refused, he paid dearly on the Ada road.


Nepotism is accepted in the bible, because they ruled as Chiefs and Kings. Members of the family and friends became advisers, ministers, negotiators, judges etc. Some persons, inspired by this, have extended it to our democracy. They will choose their EC chairpersons, their auditor general, their supreme court judges etc. They forget to appreciate that, this same nepotism, destroyed the house of David.


A foolish descendant of David, Jeroboam who didn’t learn anything about governance because ones his father has been a king before, it is bound to happen.

He had no plans, just a sense of entitlement, he felt it is his turn!!! He found it absurd when his citizens complained of fuel price hikes, increase in the price of tomatoes and garlic, taxes like the sanitation tax, covid tax, E-levy etc, he boldly looked into their eyes and said “My father laid on you a heavy yoke; I will make it even heavier. My father scourged you with whips; I will scourge you with scorpions”. It’s sad, the things that inspire people in the bible.


Naboth’s family lived in peace until president Ahab became king. He asked Naboth for his vineyard to plant flowers and herbs because it was close to his house. When he refused, his wife arranged for Naboth to be stoned to death and they took the land. They beautified it with metal fabrications, herbs and trees. He even imported special lights from Syria, Palestine and the Hittites. The bible can inspire you to acquire people’s land and hotels compulsorily just because its close to your house.

Today *CSIR* are fighting for lands earmarked for their research works. The government is plotting those land for family and friends. Ministers and metropolitan chief executives have all turned a blind eye on their calls for intervention because it serves their interests.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the word of God, but I fear people who can even scam God. Faith based slogans like; the battle is the lord’s, Insha Allah and many others are their guiding quotes.

No one can see the construction of a man’s mind in his face. The bible has also admonished us not to judge. I can only advise for us to be wise as a serpent, as we pray for Better days ahead.

*Kun fa Yakun*

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