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Africa, Wake Up Against the Presence of Tony Blair Institute in Africa and the Imminent Mental Recolonisation

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Dr H. Kwame Afaglo

For those who have not seen the job posting by Tony Blair Institute seeking to hire Africans for their Burkina Faso centre, be informed Tony Blair the former UK Prime Minister is up about in Africa after his failure to change the minds of the Arabs.
Africans and our African leaders must wake up, as because we have a huge unemployed youth on our hands without effective approaches of improving the quality of life for our youth, hence the British Prime Minister who killed tens of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan is in Africa to vampire-like launch on us to mentally recolonise Africa.
Recall that, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah the giant African liberator from colonial rule and his compatriot Patrice Lumumba both did warn Africa of the coming of neo-colonialism.
Here we are after 60 years or so the warning of the two Africa liberators is right before our face with the infamous Tony Blair leading the Neo-colonial team with his mind twisting team in the name of Tony Blair Institute.
*Please Africans and African leaders let us kick Tony Blair Institute out of Africa as they are here to re-colonise us, but this time they will twist the minds of our youth against African growth which has started with intra-African trade*
If 2019 Africa allows the infamous and mass murderer Tony Blair to establish his Tony Blair Institute in any African state, then we will not have learnt from history, and come the near future these colonisers will twist our minds, creat deep divisions among us, exploit our resources and kill us in millions just to keep enjoying from our African wealth.
#Kick Tony Blair Institute Out of Africa.
Please share on as many social media platforms that one finds him/her self  to save the people of Africa.
I will do my bit by sharing (email and social media) and sending to those Anglo-Franco-Portuguese colonisers broadcasters, do if you care about Africa.
#Kick Tony Blair Institute Out of Africa
Send to BBC per email – haveyoursay@bbc.co.uk
Radio Portugal email – Rportugalusa@gmail.com
_Nyee gbe dze anyi_
©2019 rafa raja

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