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By; Abdul-Wahab Africa Zion 


Standing next to me, is my refuse attendant at Agona Swedru, Old Zongo Electoral Area, Madam Antoinette Naadu Lawson.

She’s a very hardworking, selfless and dedicated woman and the reason why my area is tidy and neat these days despite the frequency of refuse being dumped.

I often post pictures of the area whenever, it’s unkempt and there’s refuse on the grounds to press home demands for it to be fixed.

On this occasion, it’s only fair for me to commend this special woman in particular, the Agona West Municipal Assembly, Zoomlion Office, Environmental &Sanitation Office, Driver’s and to all who have been working hard to avoid the negative spectacle of refuse being full and littering the grounds especially in this era of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.

Lastly, I wish to appeal to the Govt and or Zoomlion to please pay the 3months salary arrears of their monthly salary  which is a paltry Ghc 180 or the equivalent of $30.

It suffice to add that the monthly minimum wage in Ghana is Ghc 390.

Kudos to all the Selfless, dedicated and hardworking refuse attendants all over Ghana working so hard and receiving peanuts and yet their level of commitment and dedication is unshaken.

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