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NDC is ready for Do or Die come December election 2024.

The comment made by Ex President Mahama concerning 2024 election is the way of resurrecting the spirit of NDC YOUNG CADRES and NDC  grassroots.

We have been waiting for this statement for so long. Npp bedeviled our foot soldiers with evil orchestrations    during the 2020 Election. Nevertheless, until the bones are rotten, we are not giving up. Never again!

Akuffo Addo made similar and dangerous statement during 2012 and 2016 election that :”All Die be Die”  and NPP applauded.

Do or Die statement should have been made during 2020 election but NDC gave the Electoral commissioner the benefit of the doubt for a clean work. Unfortunately, the contrary emerged.

Akuffo Addo and NPP Government used their invisible force as soldiers to  kill many NDC foot soldiers in the name of winning power at all cost. 

Election 2024 shall surely be a Do or Die Affair.

 Young Cadres are ready to Die and prepare to Die to win power and save Ghanaians from Economy mismanagement and  BUGABUGA NPP government. 

NPP cannot dare to intimidate the NDC grassroots because we are ever Ready for them come 2024.

The NDC remains solid, strong and stronger.


Hon Seth Ankrah

Young Cadres communication Officer


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