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Use wooden packaging for cosmetics product – Vons Naturals CEO

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Adnan Adams Mohammed
A young entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry has related that, the use of wooden packaging for cosmetics and other products will help to completely or drastically cut down the overreliance on plastic bags and containers.
Yvonne Amankwah, C.EO of Vons brand Limited, a detergent and cosmetics manufacturing company has already shown the way as she uses wooden containers for her products packaging.
During an interview with her in Accra recently to know the rationale behind her advocacy that wooden packaging should be used instead of the traditional plastics, she posited that, it is due to the terrible impact plastic packaging and pollution has on our environment.
“We are all aware of the terrible impact plastic packaging and pollution has on our environment. As the global community becomes hyper aware of the issues with plastics and the amount of pollution that is generated from the production of these, Vons  brand limited  opts for wooden packaging brand for our product.”
”Vons Naturals”, a body and hair butter made with Shea butter. When it comes to choosing the right packaging for your needs, it is easy to get wrapped up in the aesthetics of the design or the practicality of the size or material, thus to also consider the chosen packaging may have on the environment.
As the young entrepreneur is making efforts to lower the negative impact of use and manufacturing of plastics on our planet, she is as well improving her company’s eco-friendly reputation.
Thinking beyond saving the environment alone, she as well considers providing employment opportunities for the disabled.

Entrepreneurship does not just offer the potential to improve the lives of individuals, but also entire segment of people. Not only can it provide employment and drive market competitiveness and innovation, but it can
also look to solve some of the problems that society faces.

Yvonne Amankwah, who holds her Master’s degree in Business Administration (HR) and also an alumni of YALI Leadership Training, started her soap manufacturing business last year, Vons Liquid Soap, which employs and trains people with disabilities who had previously struggled to find employment opportunities.

At the moment the company employs two hearing-impaired people.

“Addressing the challenges of persons with disabilities is essential in creating stable democracies as inequalities in society would be reduced,” she explains.

“I am working towards two sustainable development goals which are to end poverty in all its forms everywhere, and reduce inequality within and among our countries.”

Ms Amankwah is the president of Enactus Radford, a non-profit organisation that seeks to improve the lives of people by applying green enterprise concepts.

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