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Universities, Nursing, Teacher Training Colleges, Security Agencies Scamming The Poor Citizens?

 People hold signs as they take part in a protest march against Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja, Nigeria, Feb. 6, 2017.
Adnan Adams Mohammed
This is a major issue we need to check in Ghana.
Sale of admission forms and payment for interview, are the colleges being fair to the poor citizens?
Are the heads of these institutions being taking care of with tax payers? 
So why exploit the poor tax payers again?
A citizen shares his worry…… 
My niece bought a nursing form for about GHC100.00 and when she was called for the interview she was made to pay another GHC100.00. Then at the interview she noticed over 2000 people were shortlisted for that interview that was held in batches each day and lasted for the entire week. But She was told only 350 of them will gain admission.
So I ask myself why invite over 2000 and collect GHC100.00 each from each of them knowing only 350 will be picked.
What about the numerous admission forms that were sold.
This was just one institution, multiply this by the number of institutions and you will be amazed at how much money the schools are making at the expense of the poor citizen.
And how do they account for such money, when most of them go back to government to ask for infrastructural and administrative support.
Can The Forms Be Free Or The Interview Fee Abolished?
This exploitation against the youth who are eager to develop and empower themselves to serve the nation is in all tertiary educational institutions, security agencies etc..
Are we SERIOUS in GHANA and NO ONE is concerned about this?
Why do we keep being UNJUST to the POOR CITIZENS?
The older generation in Africa are just GREEDY, SELFISH, EXPLOITATIVE, UNJUST, UNPATRIOTIC, ANTI-YOUTH EMPOWERMENT for ONLY their families, cronies and ‘side-chicks’.
Just take a reflection on the STATE-CAPTURE by the government appointees and the public and civil servants. Look at how state coffers and assets being looted by these OLDER GENERATION.
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Must The Youth Arise For A Massive Revolution Against This Exploitation And Anti-Youth Empowerment Agenda?
Are the YOUTH not being angered enough yet?
Who will give me answers? 

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