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Telecoms Chamber rules out 5G technology anytime soon

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Adnan Adams Mohammed
Ghana Telecommunication Chamber made up of telecom network companies operating in Ghana has disappointed a number of internet users who are expectant of experiencing the connectivity of 5G with its announcement that, its members are not rolling out 5G anytime soon.
Chief Executive Officer of the telecoms chamber, Ken Ashigbe, last week, noted that Ghana will have to put in more to experience the superfast internet service.
5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology. 5G can support up to a million devices per square kilometre, while 4G supports only up to 100,000 devices per square kilometre. The top countries with 5G include South Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson has predicted that 5G internet will cover up to 65% of the world’s population by the end of 2025.
“In Ghana, it will take a little while in having 5G. We’ll need to move the 4G to about 80% before we can move to 5G. 4G in Ghana has only about 6% investment as we speak. 5G requires a lot and so it might take a little more time”.

He also noted: “The valuation of the spectrum should be based on market conditions. We pray that government will price the spectrum such that it can be purchased easily. We should be able to follow some countries who do not sell the spectrum too high. It is sold such that government does not lose in selling it as well. We need to definitely look at the price of the spectrum”.

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