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Ofori-Atta data on installed power generation capacities not realistic– former GNPC Boss

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Adnan Adams Mohammed 
Alex Mould has challenged data provided by Finance Minister on the installed and dependable capacity of power generation in the country.
Ken Ofori-Atta when presenting the mid-year budget review in Parliament on Monday stated that, ghana’s installed generation capacity is around 5,000 megawatt with peak demand of 2700 megawatts, yet the needed average demand is around 2000 megawatts at peak.
He was of the view that, the country was paying money for wasted or unused produced power at expense of tax payers.
However, Mr Mould who is not convinced with the data the minister provided has asked the government to produce the authentic figures on the installed and produced power generation capacities to the public.
“I would be most grateful if you could share the current data with us so we all are educated on the facts since I don’t seem to be access this anywhere.”

According tot the energy expert, Ghana’s available and dependable installed capacity is around 4,573 megawatts taking into consideration some of the installed plants are producing at all, others producing below capacity due to unavailability of gas and crude oil and obsolete equipment. 

Mr Mould made reference to a data on the installed capacity as at December 2016. He was quick to note that, not much has changed to date on new IPPs except delay of all the potential projects due to construction delays or some conditions precedents not met.
“Please note that the World Bank provided support for 4 IPP project as part of the Eni Gas Development project as there was not enough IPPs to off take the gas based on the power demand projections agreed to by the government entities – VRA, GRIDCO, EC – and the World Bank”, he added.
Below are the data he provided:
Power plants (Western Enclave – TAKORADI)
Installed Capacity (T1-TAPCO 330; T2- TICO 330; VRA T3 – 132 (Out of Service TILL 2021)
   VRA.      792
    IPPs.     250
Total Installed.   1042MW
Dependable Capacity
   VRA.      730
    IPPs.     230
Total dependable.   960MW
Potential Projects   1000MW (972MW dependable)
(Karpower 225 Q42017); Amandi 200 (Q2 2020); Jacobsen Electro 350 (Q4 2021)
Power plants (Eastern Enclave – TEMA)
Installed Capacity (TT1-PP 110; TT2-PP 50; MRP 80; KTPP 220)
   VRA.       460
    IPPs.      670
Total Installed.   1130MW
Dependable Capacity
   VRA.      395
    IPPs.     620
Total dependable.   1015MW
Potential Projects   857 (804 dependable)
(AKSA 200 2Q2018, GPGC Trafigura 2Q 2019; CenPower 1Q 2018 Gas in 2019; Bridge/EarlyPower 2Q20 Gas in 2021)
Out of these capacities, KTPP, SUNIN ASOGLI (PHASES 1, 2A&2B ) are Gas Only Plants and are all in the Eastern Enclave ie Tema;
Only Ameri is receiving Gas from domestic productions in 2017 in the Western Enclave; VRA continues to purchase light sweet Crude Oil from Nigeria through Sahara;
Plants under maintenance that are out of the generation mix (end 2016 data)
– TT3 (VRA)

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