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NDC must build a strong party

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An award-winning journalist has called on the opposition National Democratic Congress party members not to consider money alone as a measure to choose a Parliamentary Candidate for the party as it prepares for it primaries.
Adnan Adams Mohammed, the Editor of Newsguideafrica.com and the party’s Communication Team advised members of the party, especially the delegates, to remember that we are not selling the party to the richest person going into the primaries.
“Party work is continuous ….we need to build a team, unity of purpose, and resilience with this …any member of the party can be PC and win.
“We need a strong party …a strong party is all inclusive, no superiority fight, no struggle for power or position, no malice and mafiasm”, he cautioned.
“We need strong Constituency executives, ward coordinators and branch executives to be the force.”
He tasked on all sympathizers, loyalist and members of the party to devout and brand themselves with any of the branches of the party.
Branches of Politics
Politics has many branches to succeed with…
Party politics,

“So it is all about thinking strategically and choosing one branch to brand yourself with”, he noted.

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