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Group of Ghanaian Refugees in Libya on wanted list

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A group of Ghanaians, currently on the run in Libya, who on the 17th March, 2011 went out of their way to assault one Mr Ekow Derrick, the protocol officer of the Ghanaian embassy in Libya are on the wanted list of the Ghanaian security agencies.
The alleged leader of the group, Mr Iddrisu Adam, travelled to Libya years ago for greener pastures has his families in Ghana leaving in awe as the security officers keep harassing them to show the whereabouts of him.
But, according to the family they have no idea of the hideout of the Mr Adam as at now. They guessed that, “he is probably dead”, said a member of the family.
According to our sources close to the Ghanaian embassy in Libya this group of Ghanaians numbering in their hundreds were said to have contributed money and gave the said money to one of the embassy official Mr Ekow Derrick to assist them catch a flight back to Ghana. 
This was during the heat of the Libyan civil war which eventually toppled Colonel Muamar Gaddafi as the Libyan leader. 
Due to the high level of insecurity this group of Ghanaians became very desperate to return home. 
The assistance been sought by this group of Ghanaians was not forthcoming coupled with monies allegedly collected from them by the Ghana embassy officials, this infuriated them to the extent that they invaded the premises of the embassy and succeeded in attacking the protocol officer of the embassy beating him to the pulp.
It took the effort of some embassy security officials to rescue Mr Ekow Derrick from the wrath of these angry Ghanaians. 
According to our sources all attempts to apprehend this group of people proved futile as all of them fled. 
The Ghanaian government is therefore mounting a search for them. It has been rumored that some of them have returned to Ghana and are hiding knowing very well that they are being sought after for possible prosecution.

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