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Global Power Shift: Intra-African Trade is the Way

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U.S. saw it as far back as the 1990s and in addition to their strategy of using war in alien lands as a mode of gaining shares of the Middle East and Asia close to China, they have opted to handle China as they did to Japan.

US constructivism approach is been oiled with resources from alien lands and in a ploy of an exchange they give then democracy knowing ostensibly well of its weak contextualized posit.

In other words, US has a large reserve of hydrocarbons yet they warring entered into Iraq to rob them of their crude oil and other valuables as wealthy historical knowledge, seed bank among others. In exchange they planted democracy. They know, as in US knows very well that democracy will not do well in Iraq as of the time (post Sadaam Hussein) and so after pulling their growth down, it will take the people of Iraq after half a century to get back to their previous level of growth and advancement, by then US will still be in their hegemonic strides.  

I hear from an East European who was a security consultant in Iraq before gulf war 1, that, fuel ⛽ (petrol, diesel, etc) was free in any quantity in the Iraqi desert. Can you image how close Iraq was to heaven?

Granted that was false?

What of the US invasions of Libya in 1986 and 2011?

The pattern of US distraction of advanced economies as in high quality of life of the people, is become obvious.

They invaded Iraq and Libya twice apiece, and on the first occasion it was for recognizance, the second was to rob them big time of their resources, plant an unsuitable democracy there.

Knowing that social media doesn’t like plenty-plenty writes, I will simply point to the concept that US is using Christianity and unsuitable democracy as a ploy to destroy other economies that has higher quality of life of her people than theirs and its allies.

That of China, US will borrow so much money from the former such that their economy will not be able to satisfy the higher quality of livelihood of all its people or run them into   a stagnant economy.

US will continue to split Europeans and take over their source of robbed wealth in other continents as Africa and Asia.

China is bought the majority of the ownership of investment services markets in Africa and it is targeting US as an icing on its wealth, then it will take over the leading country of the world.

Let’s see the evolving trends of China-US dual world power struggle in international relations. Good that China has taken up the challenge to contest US to bring out some balance in the world order to the hitherto unipolar shenanigan of the allied forces. 

US military power is under threat as China and its duet North Korea is facing them off. Thus the aggressive search and ownership of military bases competition in various countries of the world.

Robotics is the said to be the next direction of the struggle for hegemony between US and China, but for Japan and India’s advancement in this area, China will have stamped its authoritative global control. Thus the case of Huawei and the benign ZTE is under careful watch by the Japanese Hitachi and Toshiba, as well as South Korea’s Samsung the world’s biggest chip maker.

With robotics taking the planet earth into having bases in space by US, India, China, Japan and Europe and its attendant  exploits, we in Africa have been left

– with a system of governance that is problematic,
– changed our culture to keep us wandering in a cycle of poverty,
– tempered with our cognitive abilities resulting in a minimal positive action.

Besides Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who fashioned an international relation unique policy, all other African leaders were and are still mimicking Europeans or Russian governance theory without contextualising it. However, there is the possibility that if African countries relook at intra-African trade and strengthen it from its 2% activities to 75%, the rest of the world as led by China and US will fall back on their planning table to beg us Africans.

Africa as of now 2019 has too many fine orators of leaders but their guide is Europe or Russia or US or China, causing our chequered growth with high dependence on alien funds.

Ghana without aid while depending on 40% – 60% Chinese and European funds to balance annual budgets of Ghana is not only incongruous but self-created myth.

Just as US global hegemony is on the decline so is democracy as a system of governance and its twin sister Christianity not gaining more souls like Islam.

Africa will have to fashion and define its unique pillars of governance, international relations, and de-emphasis religion as a state and re-emphasis it as an individual choice of spirituality, this way we will see Africa as the leading continent in the next century (year 2100 and onwards).

Talk is cheap but intra-African trade being grown to a height of 75% is the key to the long overdue African superiority.

Sorry for taking your reading time and enjoy your weekend with some thoughts of Western Togoland, Western Sahara and the Archipelago Islands 🌴 that are yet to be independent.

Dr. H. Kwame Afaglo (Nyegbe Djeanyi)
+233 20 037 2691

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