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Ghanaians disappointed in NPP gov’t

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Adnan Adams Mohammed
A former senior banker with Standard Chartered Bank Ghana has stated that, the NDC’s competitive advantage going into election 2020 are that it is obvious most people, especially floating voters, are disappointed by the poor performance of Akufo-Addo and the NPP and get the impression that all parties are the same. 
This disappointment in Akufo-Addo can lead to apathy and disinterest in politics and governance, Mr Alex Mould has said.

The former GNPC CEO speaking at a program organised by TEIN on University of Cape Coast campus last Saturday stressed that, “We have to take this opportunity to show that the NDC offers a far superior alternative in terms of the quality and breadth of its policies; which are pragmatic and far-reaching as opposed to the populist and opportunistic policies of the NPP.

“The NDC remains the only viable alternative to the NPP government, which is devoid of any innovative ideas to revive or develop businesses if they remain in power.

“That is why I am encouraging YOU, the youth to get on board and work for the desired change”, he charged the youth.

Also, it is important for ALL our young people, and specifically you TEIN members seated here today to be involved and effect the sort of change that is required- it would be a costly mistake not to do so to have a voice in shaping your future and destiny; as well as that of our motherland, Ghana.

“To win back power will require the complete and full involvement of the youth. Which is why, I am a staunch supporter of championing the cause of the youth within this great party of ours. The development and empowerment of the youth is essential for the future of the party. And I will continue to support and encourage the Youth wing which in my humble opinion is one of the most important wings of the party.”

Adopt a branch initiative: the youth should be at the forefront of our numerous initiatives. Take the branch adoption strategy for example; you should run with it and make it popular within the party.
It is an ingenious model that can surely bring us back to power in 2021, at the same time uniting us even more a party.

“I have myself have adopted some 5 Constituencies 3 in Ashanti Region and 2 in greater Accra. So get involved, go on social media, and create catchy hashtags like #AdoptABranch2020, #AdoptToWin2020.”

Overall 2020 strategy: In this same vein of branch advocacy, we should improve our strategy by empowering the branches because according to the party’s constitution, the party must be organized at the branch level.

2020 is the year to be extra alert and vigilant, especially at the branch level. We must recruit capable men and women, train and equip them well to be our party agents. And put in place comprehensive mechanisms to be able to collate our results as quickly as possible.

Having Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) right from the branch level up, is a very important ingredient in our compact strategy as it will help us to evaluate our performance
Election Day 2020 will not be an easy one.  But we will resist any form of intimidation and any attempt to rig the elections in the 2020 general elections.

“We must be focused to the end till we see victory. I therefore call on the rank and file of the party to stand firm in unity. The only way we can achieve victory is through unity across board; including the youth wing and TEIN.

“We should all be ready to support JM and the party to recapture power from NPP in 2020, facing the 2020 elections with all our strength and might to save Ghanaians from this unbearable hardship.
“I am told the collective values of a people manifests itself in the values of Leadership. I refuse to accept this. The values of the current leadership of our country are tainted with wanton corruption and the abundant use of political power by a few to enrich themselves through the robbing of state assets.

“Ghana is not better off now than it was 4 years ago. We Ghanaians on the whole are being shortchanged; our assets and resources are being depleted with nothing tangible or intangible to show; the transfer of state wealth to private individuals (or companies) by few people using their control, or influence, over government officials must end!

“The grab what you can culture of this current gov’t must be stopped! Ghana deserves better! Ghana needs to be reset! The Reset date is Dec 7, 2020!” the energy expert intimated.

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