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Bissa community of New Bortianor celebrates Sardawna anniversary

First to be enstooled as the Sardawna Of New Bortianor and Bissa Chief of Bortianor & New Weija Traditional Area, His Royal Highness Kir/Sarki Suallah Saeed Sare,  Bissa Emir (I), has celebrated his one year anniversary.

He ascended the throne of Sardawna on April 2nd & BISSA CHIEF on  May 5th, 2021, due to his hard work, peace loving, dedication, commitment and support to his community.

The Chief who doubles as CEO of Soft Hill Estates Africa marked his one year anniversary with the people of New Bortianor & New Weija, last week.

The people have expressed joy over the positive change and progress that he has brought to the Bortianor towns and villages. Many were those who described the Sardawna  as a philanthropist with the heart of Gold.

CHIEF / CEO Of Soft Hill Estates Africa, known in his private life as ALHAJI SUALLAH SAEED SARE as part of his efforts to ensure massive progress and unity within the slums in the country he has single-handedly launch exercise books distribution initiatives that seek to brings

education for the less privileged in the country ,  

Sarki’s team has commenced the distribution of several exercise books to students across the country.

The initiative comes under the directive of the Sardawna  SUALLAH SAEED SARE  Bissa Emir I, ‘Education  For All Support Program’ which seeks to provide support to students from less privileged schools in the country.  

Currently the chief for the (EFASP), Sardawna pledges to facilitate and ensure the distribution will be region by region according to their team schedules frameworks

This and among others have been the topmost priority of SARDAWNA SUALLAH SAEED I. He has been applauded by many for fulfilling his promise in just a year.

He promised to do more for the youth since they are the bedrock of every great society. He has decided to empower more youth through education, skills development and sporting activities to prepare them for the future.

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