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Be transparent with any Instrument that bothers on Muslims – Elements in government cautioned

Adnan Adams Mohammed

The National Muslim Stakeholder Consultative Forum held in Accra, last week, cautioned all elements in government who are prompting to promote any kind of Executive or Legislative Instruments bothering Muslims to be transparent and cautious.

In the communiqué issued at the end of the forum organised by the Coalition of Muslim

Organizations, Ghana (COMOG) in association with the Conference of Regional Chief Imams of Ghana

which was held under the auspices of His Eminence the National Chief Imam, the forum highlighted five key points that needs urgent attention of the Muslims in the country and the government.

The forum was attended by over 15 Stakeholder Organizations and Institutions (SOIs) known among the Muslim leadership.

“The promoters of a proposed Executive Instrument (EI) or Legislative Instrument (LI) for Muslims in Ghana must be transparent and share their proposals for approval by the Muslim Stakeholder Organizations and Institutions (MSOIs) before presenting same to the President or Parliament, respectively, for possible consideration of enactment into a law”, the Communiqué as signed by Hajj Abdel-Manan Abdel-Rahman, COMOG President/Forum Coordinator for the Forum Chairman, Nana Alhaj Yussif Fanyanamah, Chief of Kintampo and Acting President of National Council of Zongo Chiefs.  

It was also discussed at the Forum that, unity among all the Muslim denominations and groups were key for national peace and cohesion building.

Attached is the full Communiqué:

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