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SSNIT flat occupant allegedly assaulted by co-tenant over ‘fufu pounding noise’
A female painter and mother of one, Joyce Mensah, have reportedly accused her co-tenant of assaulting her over late night ‘fufu pounding noise’.
Joyce Mensah, who is a fourth floor occupant of one of the Borteyman SSNIT flat building, reported to the Kanewu Police Station of a verbal and physical assaults against her co-tenant one Alhaji Jabaru Abubakari and his wife Faiza (who occupies a flat on the third floor just direct beneath Joyce Mensah’s flat), because she complained of unbearable noise of ‘fufu pounding’ at around 8pm on August 29, 2019, at a time that she claimed her daughter was asleep.
The ‘fufu pounding noise’ also affected other tenants on their flat who called Joyce Mensah to talk about the how the noise was affecting their evening rest. 
The victim used to be a good friend of the said co-tenants, until the incidence of alleged assault, for the past six months she has been occupying her room at the SSNIT flat. Within the period of her stay at the flat’, she says, she has complained about the noise ‘fufu pounding’ by the couples and as well reported them to the management of the SSNIT flats, yet within a week the couples will make similar noise not less than thrice a week.
“I have ever reported them to the SSNIT officers because of these same noise of ‘fufu pounding’ in their flat. After which, the wife (Faiza) pleaded with me not to report them to the officers again but we should solve our issues by ourselves as co-tenant” the victim, Joyce Mensah told our reporter on phone interview.
However, Mr Abubakari has denied all allegations levelled against him. He has, consequently, reported himself to the Kanewu police station to write his statement through his lawyer.
He vowed to clear his name from the calculated alleged lies being spread against him by the complaint.
We promise to get our readers the full details of the case as matters unravels.
Below is the report filed by Joyce Mensah at the Kanewu Police Station:
At 7pm on the 29th of August, 2019, I called my co tenant Faiza to complain about the noise from their fufu pounding in their room on the 3rd floor of the Borteyman SSNIT flats.
She hanged up on me angrily saying I am getting on her nerves. So I went out to talk to her just like I always did anytime the noise starts.
Her husband Mr. Jabaru then came out after I knocked angrily saying why am I coming to attack his wife.
I responded saying I called her on phone but realized she was angry so I came to speak to her as I always did. I went ahead explaining how we all send our mortar downstairs to pound so we don’t disturb or damage the building.
He got angry saying we are always complaining. I explained that we should all try and behave like civilized people so we don’t always have issues because the nuisance is becoming unbearable.
He pushed me on the chest saying why am I saying they are uncivilized people.
He held me by the throat trying to strangle me upon my struggle to get his hands off, he slapped me and I fell to the ground he then went ahead to kick me in the abdomen raining insults as I got up trying to defend myself, he ripped my clothes leaving me naked.
My daughter came down screaming and other co-tenant also came and witness the situation.
I went straight to the police station to report the incident and got a doctor’s report as I had a red eye and severe abdominal pain.

I had to take some injections also.

source: www.westafrica24.com  

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