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Use the Ramadan to reflect on shortcomings – Ewe Muslim Community to Muslims


Read full statement below:


Thanks, praises and gratitude are always due Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, as we equally seek Allah’s Peace and Blessings to be upon our noble Prophet Mohammed, his household, his companions and all believers in his guidance.

Indeed, Alhamdu liLlah for the month of Ramadan and all its blessings. Those who were able to observe the Ramadan accordingly are indeed blessed; those who, for their negligence or arrogance, did not observe it too have their own story to tell one day.

Brothers and Sisters in faith, as we rejoice over the successful Ramadan 1442 (2021), it is very prudent that we also take a break to reflect on our shortcomings during the blissful period.  

These few questions might help in this reflection exercise:

Were we mindful of our Muslim brothers and sisters who lived their lives, during this Ramadan, in fear and panic in war torn areas around the globe?

Did we remember our brothers and sisters who, for one or two reasons, spent the Ramadan in prison?

Were we aware of the hundreds of our brothers and sisters who were on sick beds either at home or in the hospital?

Did anyone remember that we have orphans across the length and breadth of the country and beyond?

Did it occur to us that the WEY GEY HEY incident is just a teaser of a lifelong film being rehearsed behind the screen?  

Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we draw your attention to the above issues just to substantiate that to err is human. But let’s listen to the Noble Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in one of his sayings: “Every human being is fallible (and hence makes mistakes), and the best amongst them are those who repent”.

Yes, repent by first admitting their faults and feeling remorseful about them, and then resolutely deciding on steps to prevent the re-occurrence of such faults.

Brothers and Sisters in faith, we the Muslim Ummah not foreseeing the coming out of the WEY GEY HEY teaser is a shortcoming. Some of us foreseeing it but not taking any positive action is a shortcoming. The way of handling the case as an Ummah, even though worth applauding, is a shortcoming. We not being able to advise and tell ourselves and the world at large that we were fasting in the face of the provocation is a shortcoming.

Nevertheless, we must start from somewhere.

Let’s all feel remorseful for these shortcomings and pay attention to some of the suggestions mentioned in comments made here and there in this regard.

However, it is worth noting that the onus of getting a lasting solution to this canker lies on the leadership of the Muslim Ummah.

Leadership should know that they are responsible and accountable to Allah and the Ummah for what is happening to us. They should rise up to the challenge and apprehend the plight of the members of this Ummah, especially the younger up and coming generation. We need not remind them of this saying of Prophet of Allah (PBUH): “You are all but shepherds, and each one of you is responsible for his flock. So the Leader is a shepherd, and he is responsible for his flock…….” 

A clarion call at this juncture also goes to the youth to take note of their limits and respect the elderly and leadership.

Let’s all feel remorseful of our shortcomings regarding this WEY GEY HEY issue and take resolute decisions and steps to get over the hurdle, putting in mind the hadith of the Noble Prophet (PBUH) that says: “A believer should not be bitten twice in the same hole”

May we witness many more blessed Ramadans.

May we uphold the good deeds of Ramadan, even after Ramadan.

May we rise up to our task as the best Ummah raised for humanity.

May we be among those who will fast the six days of Shawwal.

Let’s stay blessed and strengthened all life long.

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