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Kasoa Gunshot and Hawa Koomson: Suspended Justice or Suspended Injustice

 Hon. Mavis Hawa Koomson: Do You Seek To Develop Awutu Senya East With A Gun?



On 20 July 2020, the Minister and lawmaker Hawa Koomson did admit shooting a gun in a crowd in Kasoa a town in Ghana, as self defence, then she was arrested by Ghana Police and left off the hook of justice or the police hook of injustice.


Fortunately or unfortunately, four of the young men who accompanied the lawmaker but they did not shoot a gun were arrested, arrange before the courts and pending judgement probably in September 2020.


That of the case against Hawa Koomson is been sent to the CID Headquarters in Accra Ghana for shelving *probably as a way of protecting the politician.*


Can the Ghana Police explain the sense of drive of fairness here,


_as the one who admitted shooting a gun is freely going about her political life, while the poor boys who followed the gun shooter Hawa Koomson are rather facing criminal charges_


What kind of injustice is this or is it justice defined by the political police of protecting their political kind?


Strangely, when I heard the Director General of Legal and Prosecution of the Ghana Police Kofi Boakye brazenly talking about enforcing fairness and peace before, during and after the December 2020 elections in Ghana, it sounded ludicrous.


It is factual that the Ghana Police Service is a political Police hence they can not run their professional partners being politicians in power through the criminal justice system, yet they come making ridiculous claims of some fairness for all manner of persons.


Kofi Boakye _gyae dede ne y3_ as we the people know the truth that,


– you can not prosecute the politicians in power, specifically as Hawa Koomson, and that you rather protect here from justice.


– you can not prosecute the rich and powerful Kennedy Agyapong who keeps murder threatening meek in society.


– the Ghana Police Service’s sense of justice is in doubt and the publics level of distrust is at its highest.


– the heightening insecurity in the country is due to the non-professional policing rendered the people of Ghana, hence civilians are attacking, killing police officers and burning down police stations. In return, the police officers are shooting to kill innocent civilians and planting guns on them.


_#Shame onto Ghana Police for Freeing the Gun Shooter Hawa Koomson but Jailing her Instructed Boys who are Under her Command_


_#Political Policing is a Crime in Itself_


_Nyee gbe dze anyi_


©️2020 rafa raja

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