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Social worker saddened with the ‘Kayeye’ situation


 Cargo drivers 'smuggling' head porters to the North forced to turn ...


Mike Owusu, Program Coordinator of Light for Children Ghana is saddened by the way the head porters (Kayaye) situation is being handled.



He called the bluff of the leadership National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) for not being proactive to put in measures to cushion the living condition of the less privileged who sleep and live on the streets in the major cities.



Part of the country are experiencing partial lockdown under executive orders which started, yesterday, 30/03/2020, for the next two weeks in attempt to help curb the spread of the pandemic COVID-19.  


“Whoever is in charge of NADMO must bow his head in shame”, he said. “In deciding the lockdown, we should have anticipated the homeless and our people in the streets, and how to handle them.”


However, Mr Owusu suggested some immediate measures to help solve the situation. “Ok I do not intend to rant. I wish to propose the following:


1. We must as a matter of urgency identify all the schools and churches available for use.


2. Convert Independent square, Accra sports Stadium, Elwark Sports Stadium and similar facilities into a temporary shelter.


3. Call and direct all homeless, Kayayees, misplaced people to such places.


4. Use the opportunity to screen and provide them with basic items such as tissues, sanitizer and other cleaning items.


5. Contract the school feeding caterers to provide them food. Or use the matrones in the secondary school to cook for them. We can also employ the hotels restaurants to cook for them. This way we can get the hotels to generate revenue at the same time.


6. Philanthropist and well-meaning Ghanaians can mobilized to support such effort by donating in kind and cash. Some of us can even volunteer our time in times like this.


“This way we can help achieve the goal of the lockdown with a human face.”

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