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I am sorry for you Prof Ransford Gyampo

By Adnan Adams Mohammed, Executive Director, MUYAD Social Services

Your incessant attention seeking has eluded you to the extent that, you almost forgot yourself and identity as a political science professor who should know better and the fundamental principles of state policies while upholding the tenents of the Constitution of every country. 

Why must you preach or admonish on a divisive, social and religious disintegration among citizens?

What is your sole motive for calling on Muslims to build more schools? So that they stop attending so-called ‘mission or Christian schools’? 

What will be the end result if all religious groupings start building their social amenities, will you expect the same citizens to continue paying taxes to the government and those taxes will eventually be used to subvent the public ‘mission or Christian schools’?

Have you considered the fact that Professors do not speak base on personal emotions and sentiments but with facts?

Do you have facts on the number of public Islamic schools in Ghana which are serving every citizen without religious discrimination or compulsion?

Do you remember Ghana is a secular country which strives to ensure social, religious, cultural and political tolerance and cohesion?

Have you considered the number of private Islamic schools we have in Ghana? 

Did Muslims complained to you that we lack Islamic schools or the number of Islamic schools are inadequate?

Do you consider Muslims as taxpayers?

Do you remember the so-called ‘mission or Christian schools’ are public or government property developed with taxpayers funds?

So today you want us to believe that, a citizen can be denied access to a public space or institution base on religious affiliation?

Oh! So, all this while, you are not a believer of democracy and unison? 

I am sorry for not knowing this fact about you. 

It is clear to me and other Ghanaians today.

Yours Disappointed Cherisher

Signed: #2AM@

Adnan Adams Mohammed


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