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Ukraine invasion: Another Nuclear Explosion at Chornobyl and Zaporizhzhya likely?

The Chornobyl and Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plants are under the control of the Russian invaders, the Kadyrov’s Chechens.

Employees of these power plants continue to work on facilities but some unconfirmed reports say the Chechens are resorting to tortures for whatever reason and keeping the staff under constant observation.

On March 9, it became known that due to the actions of the Russian scum, the Chornobyl nuclear power plant and the city of Slavutych were cut off from the electrical grid. This wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but in the current state of affairs, the cooling system of the nuclear fuel storage facility will very likely stop working, which could lead to a leak. And since the fighting continues, it is impossible to repair and restore the power.

Just a quick reminder: the power plant was captured on the very first day of this horrific war. The staff no longer wants to leave because they understand what would happen. A few days ago, there was an attempt to bribe them with humanitarian aid, but the Ukrainians showed their unwavering patriotism and refused to take it.

The Chornobyl nuclear material monitoring system has already stopped transmitting data to the IAEA. The Energodar NPP is also under the control of the Russian thugs, but at least it’s functioning. For now.

So how long do we have till the backup generators run out of fuel? Assuming the Chechens don’t have any spare fuel left in their trucks, the experts say, it will take around 48 hours. This means by the time you’re reading this, the situation will either get better or we’ll be still inching towards a second Chornobyl ecological disaster.

However, there’s still hope that the cold weather might help cool off the tanks. In this case, we have up to a week to fix the power lines. That is the best-case scenario aside from the terrorists giving up.

The captured employees are patiently waiting for the Ukrainian army to come and save them, but in the meanwhile, they are fully cooperating with the Russian terrorists to prevent those idiots from doing even more harm.

Let’s hope the good guys win before we have to find out if we’re doomed or not.

Glory to Ukraine!

Author: Yura Lysenko

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